What is the history of Christianity in New Zealand?

Maori elders, as a result of their contact with Europeans, invited Christian missionaries to New Zealand, and the first to arrive was Rev. Samuel Marsden in 1814. Following the Musket Wars of the 1820’s, Maori quickly embraced Christianity, a faith in which they ‘found personal dignity, social discipline and political empowerment.’1 Maori also recognised the importance of literacy and soon learnt to read and write

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What do you hope to achieve?

We hope that the NZ Coast to Coast Rosary will be a powerful public witness to the dignity of every human life from conception to natural death, and also be the spark to help our once Christian nation turn its heart and soul back to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Why did you choose the prayer intention ‘Life and Faith’?

‘Life’ is very appropriate for New Zealand. Sadly, New Zealand now has one of the most extreme abortion laws in the world, and euthanasia is now legal. Secondly, ‘Faith’ is also applicable to New Zealand. We are a bi-cultural nation, but we are also historically a Christian nation. In recent years however, New Zealand has become increasingly secular.

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What are the responsibilities of a Coast To Coast Rosary leader?

Find a good location not on the map and sign up; get a team of people to help you as it makes it a lot easier and more enjoyable; promote the Coast To Coast Rosary at every opportunity; and lastly we’ll give you instructions for the actual day.

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Why December 3rd?

Because Sat 3rd December 2022 is to coincide with the annual March for Life

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What was your inspiration?

Recently we would have to say, Poland. On 7th October 2017, the Feast of the Holy Rosary, over one million Polish people gathered around the border of their country (in 4,000 locations including 320 churches) to pray the Rosary. It was truly inspiring. Also, the power of the Holy Rosary has been demonstrated time and time again throughout history.

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Why Coast to Coast?

We are inviting people to come together not just around the coastline, but wherever they live in New Zealand i.e. in rural areas or in towns and cities, large and small. This year it will be predominantly held by ZOOM

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Why pray the Rosary?

There is no greater, more powerful prayer than the Rosary.

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What is the Rosary?

“The Rosary is the Bible on a string.” Fr. Ronan Murphy ‘The Holy Rosary is like a second memorial and representation of the life and passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.’ St. Louis Marie De Montfort

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